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  • Gilburt Mallery
    Gilburt Mallery

    Terima kasih atas info, dopicomama

  • Falkner Rodenberg

    Nikmati dan bersenang-senang bermain

  • Phil Faletti
    Phil Faletti

    If them burung-burung be drinking coladas, dont think they would be flying in a V formation very easily, but I like being in your flock @titomania lol Have fun mowing, know here the humidity is too think to want to get out in it unless you have to and though mowing needs to be done, not to the have to point here lol

  • Gerek Ospina
    Gerek Ospina

    Sama seperti Anda, Trung

  • Andres Olivera
    Andres Olivera

    woot noot woot